What to talk about on a long walk kind of date?

First of all i am shy and very awkward and boring so i try hard not to let the guy know and i swear i end up trying too hard that i think it makes the guy think im a stuck up overly confident bitch😖 i always regret it on the end of the date. This is one of the reasons why i stopped going out on dates until the guy I've been crushing on actually asked me out and tomorrow is going to be our second date pleaser help. The first date was horrible i didn't even expect him to ask me out on a second one. What i did on the first date was what i mentioned above.

Also i know you all have a lot of topic to talk about in mind because y'all fun and interesting people but like how do i even bring that certain topic up without it being so random and out of the blue? Yes i also suck at that.. im VERY nervous.


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  • Firstly you shouldn't be nervous. U should know that you dont have to be so talkative, if he allows you, then he would see your fun and pretty side. He should know that. You deserve that. In the beginning of the relationship, you can ask a lot of question about him. You talk about your and his life, talk about what he and you like.


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