Why does the guy I broke up with not respond via email?

My boyfriend and I started dating 3 months ago and after awhile I was tired of the excuses. I sent him an email and broke it off, actually I sent two emails, first one to break it off and the second to explained why. I never received a response from him. We are both in our 50s and I would think he would at least respond. Also, we usually communicate through email because of the language barrier. He does not understand English very well and I do not understand Spanish so we use an online translator.

He spoke Spanish and a little English but did not understand English very well and I do not speak or understand Spanish. We use the spanish translator program on my netbook if we had trouble understanding one another when we were together.
His excuses were about not being able to spend the night and lately for the past 3 weeks we did not see each other on the weekend together. I only been to his house once in the day time to have sex. He has a couple for roomates but no one was home.


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  • Wait a min, you are saying that you have a boyfriend that you don't/can't communicate with unless there is a 3rd party? I don't know what kinda relationship that was suppose to be but anyway, it's anyones guess as to why he didn't respond. Well, if you wanted to break up you just did, sorry you may have to live with it.. Good Luck!

  • You used an online translator? Yeesh. Are you sure you e-mailed the message "I want to break-up with you", and not "I want to break you". =P