Dating Dilemma. Do I have some weird disorder?

So I will be head over heels in love with a guy, but the minute he'll start liking me, I will become uninterested. It's like I like to watch myself be alone or something. I wish I could fix it. Could this be a personality disorder. I do have quite a lot of trouble upstairs. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression, ADHD, severe anxiety. I secretly suffer with bulimia, I know its wrong, but I can't seem to care, please don't lecture me. I am also under evaluation to determine whether I have Bipolar Personality Disorder or Borderline PD. Could this be a symptom of one of those, or do I have something else. I really hope not, I'm starting to look like a real head case.

I also have OCD, if that makes any difference.


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  • that totally happens to me too-its SO frustrating- but don't worry, your not alone!

    • Good to hear I'm not alone! Good luck!

  • It's not a disorder. It's your subconscious reacting to the many insecurities based on your other disorders. You know deep down you cannot hold a relationship with so many things going on and your brain just shuts down the possibility of mating. Your natural instinct is to pass on your genes but yours are good luck, hope you get better.

    • Thanks, that was very helpful! :)

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    • I'm really sorry to hear that :(. I held so much inside too, came to a really tough breaking point last year. Was never much of a faithful/spiritual person before but I started talking out loud to God and that's the only way I broke away from all of that. It's still rough but I know that a strong support system is a must, like family and friends or even co-workers, so whenever you're ready to drop all those meds make sure you have some good people by you. Going out and trying new food was pretty

    • exciting, so that's how I slowly built up my appetite. We got to dress up all pretty and it was always a good vibe, with laughter. Just keep that hope up.