Do I go to see him and hang out after he's hurt me??

Long story short. He's away in the army overseas. While he was there we were talking-liked each other. He hurt me and basically I got dropped for another chick. He was talking to both of us at the same time and made me think that it was just me. We stop talking and told him I didn't want to be friends. He practically begged me to be friends again. I agree because it was what he wanted and we barely talked. He's now with the other chick . He's home for 2 weeks b4 he returns. He wants to hangout. I don't really want to because it still hurts . I am over him-have a new man-but not over the situation. I haven't responded to his offer. What do I do? Should I go even though I don't want to? Should I go and maybe we will talk about it? Or should I leave him in the past and annoy him? Why does he want to hangout with me and be friends when he has a gf?


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  • You are already with another guy, which is good! But don't give in, he may try to play you again and talk you into leaving your boyfriend for him or whatever. Even if he might not, it's still not a good idea, believe me. I was dating someone and a guy I was with before him came back into my life and though I wasn't happy with the guy, there are things that took place that never should have. If you are happy with your boyfriend and you already said you didn't want to see this other guy because the pain he caused, then go with that gut instinct.

    • Actuallh he has a girlfriend which is the girl I got drop for. I mean why is he trying so hard to be a friend to me or watever when he has a gf? Do you think just to make himself feel better about the situation?.zz

    • He may have her but if he sees you he may realize he still has feelings for you still. It's hard to tell, but I suppose it's possible that he may be beating himself up over what he did to you and he doesn't want to leave it on bad terms rather than being neutral.

    • Thank you :)

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  • Don't do it have some dignity and show this guy you have respect for yourself. If you hang out with him he will be laughing at you with his friends behind your back. He played you like a fiddle (not your fault) but if you hang out with him that will be like condoning what he did and showing that you're so desperate to be in his company you'll put up with anything. Trust me guys laugh at chicks like this, do not be a victim

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