Am I impossible to date?

I was told recently by my best friend that some of my sisters (I'm in a Sorority) and some of the brothers from a fraternity that we're really close to have had guys come up asking about me and they've told them to not even try to talk to me because I'm impossible to date, they're saying this because I recently turned down two guys from that fraternity, who one I was creeped out by and the other one I've had a lot of drama with becuase I'm just not attracted to him and I've told him this multiple times and he knows very well I just want to be friends, is turning down those two guys really so bad that now I have a "impossible to date" status put over my head? what do I do about it? I mean how do I make people see that I'm not impossible to date?


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  • Well, "impossible to date" in the adult world and "impossible to date" in the frat/sorority world are very different things. The best way to get that label off you as a sorority girl is to start spreading your legs for frat dudes.

    • well my school is really small so our sororities and fraternities don't act like most people would think regardless I don't exactly want to do that, and the two guys I turned down were looking for a relationship not just a hookup, so I don't really think that I had the label put on me because I wouldn't sleep with them.

    • That's my experience with the greek system. But it sounds like you have very high expectations and are getting mad that you have the label of having high expectations, which you don't really have a right to complain about...

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  • You might have to branch out of the current social group that you currently have. I have no experience with greek life but if people in your current social group find you undatable then you need to branch off and find someone outside of it. There are a lot of people out there and it is very difficult for someone to be completely impossible to date.

  • Ask a guy that you are interested out.

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