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I really need a hand here. What should I do?

There’s this girl I like (we’re both 17) and we’ve been talking a fair bit lately in school (in the company of friends). I’ve like her for a good while and because we’ve started talking I feel my confidence in my ability to ask her out has increased a lot. I won’t say that there are any signs for fear of misinterpreting something that’s not, but when we talk it isn’t dry and boring but we tease and laugh with each other. Take of that what you will. What I want to ask is how do I go about it? I feel that I can go up to her (it’s our graduation day and there’s a night out after) but I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to ask a vague “are you free sometime to go out”, but I feel that if I say “are you free on [whatever day] next week to go out” it sounds too pushy. I really don’t know because this would be my first time I’m something like this. If anyone can give me tips on what I can say I’d be grateful. Thanks. P. S. Sorry, I forgot to add this in. What I intended for the “date” (provided she says yes) is something more relaxed like lunch and a walk. Thanks again.
I really need a hand here. What should I do?
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