Is she playing with me or getting cold feet?

OK, so I met this girl now 4 months ago - we have a good chemistry and she's expressed that she likes me - indirect.

Well, I've tried to ask her out two times now, and every time until 1-2 days before the date, it's like she gets cold feet, and finds a bad excuse. And then some weeks after in her texts, she clearly shows great interest in me. I don't know if I'm maybe to desperate inviting her out, but I mean, just texting will, in the long run, not provide much if we don't meet up, right? I'm 22 and she's 18, I don't know if she get cold feet in the last minute, because of her age.

Well, should I just not make it so hasty and really take it slow, but again, just texting aren't helping me/us out, right?

I texted her 4 days ago, she haven't answered yet.. She's done that before and at that time, a month after we texted again, should I wait that long again?

It just bothers me a bit, that she shows interest and then suddenly there is none... Any advice?


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  • She's getting cold feet. She likes you, but not enough to go out with you. There's something about you that she's not 100% ready to go out with you. Obviously if its bad now, then it's not going to get any better later. Move on, there's plenty of fish in the sea.


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  • The best thing for you to do at this point is ignore her. It sounds like she is either playing with you or is unsure of what she wants. If she wanted to go on a date with you, she would have already. This might not be too nice to hear, but it is the best for you believe it or not. Flaky women are the bane of man's existence. What you're doing when you keep on asking her out after her being flaky IS showing that you are desperate...a total turn off to self-respecting women.

    The fact that she is 18 means she isn't experienced with men, so don't get yourself down. She has a lot of growing up to do, so this is no reflection on yourself. My suggestion to you is date other women. Have fun. Date OLDER women (your age and older), so you can get a perspective on how real women treat dating.

    Bottom line: don't look desperate, and don't BE desperate. You are a young man, go out and enjoy your youth with plenty of women. Do not restrict your love life to this one teenager. That will destroy your confidence which in turn will destroy your chances with a real woman who actually dates you in person. Women respect a self-confident man!

    Hope this helps.

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