I want to know how to get him to kiss me?

Ok well I'm going to dinner and a movie with a guy-friend tomorrow night and I want to know how to get him to kiss me/ know that I'm OK with it. We both like each other I just think we could be more than friends... getting him to kiss me would help


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  • First of all, don't be nervous. Dating rituals can be daunting at times for both the male and the female. So, saying that, the answer is simple...be natural! If you have a genuine interest in this guy, your internal desire will show outwardly if you are relaxed and natural. This will make him more at ease if he feels the same way. It will just make the whole situation less awkward. So, be comfortable and natural.

    Things to do...

    -Laugh at his jokes

    -Smile and make eye contact regularly, but naturally

    -Touch him when speaking to him

    -"Ease" in to him at just the right time

    -Talk minimally when you want him to make the first move

    -Most of all, be natural and have a fun time! This is the most important thing, and a kiss will come when it's right.

    Hope this helps!


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  • lean in closer than you normally would