Am I really my ex's #1 girl or am I being played?

My ex and I have been broken up for about six months since april almost and now he has a new girlfriend after we broke up we were still dating on and off until the middle of july and we stopped because he found a new girl. now its september and she has been his girlfriend for about two months. we recently became friends again and we both understand that we're not over each other and still love each other very much. the reason why we ever broke up was because he cheated on me and that he felt that he wasn't happy with me anymore. throughout our relationship I was always loyal to him but I had a hard time trusting him so I was controlling and sometimes got mad at the stupid things. he got tired of it. I begged for him back but nothing worked and here we are now. he cheated on his girlfriend with me; we got intimate yesterday. we had a long talk and he told me that he doesn't think that him and his new girlfriend have a chance at lasting along time because it seems to be fading and he doesn't trust her because she had a bad reputation in her past about being a girl who gets around. he considers me his number one girl and tells me that "if were mean to be together we'll end up being together in the end" he encourages me to date other guys and have some fun and experience new things because that's what he wants to do as well. but I can't seem to do it or I just haven't met a guy that grabs my attention. I really do believe what he says even though I have done some research and read articles about guys "playing and using their ex for sex" I don't believe that's the situation because he talks about me with respect to his family and friends to this day and isn't ashamed to tell them that he still loves me and that he still cares for me very much and his new girlfriend knows that he isn't over me as well. she just doesn't know that he cheated on her with me.

i could be blinded by love but I want to know what you guys think it would help me out a lot. thanks!

we were together for two years and friends for a year before we started dating.


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  • well ur right that ur blinded by loveif he cheated on you then be with her, cheated on her with you.

    theres plenty of guys out there who would love to have a girl that would love him that much.

    he doesn't deserve you.

    any guy who cheats sometimes may deserve a second chance but to cheat again and again, he's a nothing more than a walking penis.

    leave him, he's nothing good to you.


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