Which one should I hang out with tonight?

1. Girl friend of mine who is fun but friends are a bit annoying.

2. New guy I'm dating and sort of like, but I think he's looking for things to progress, sexually.

3. Ex boyfriend who I really miss and would make me laugh/smile and take care of me, I'm sick and he's a doctor.

4. Friend that I really like, I don't think he knows it tho and I would like to talk to him about it. He thought I was going away this weekend so probably made his own plans and was being weird and shady with his texts last night when I asked what he was up to.

Who should I ask to hang out with tonight, assuming they're all available?

  • Girl friend
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  • New Guy
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  • Ex B/F
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  • Friend I like
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I went with choice A and had a blast. In the end, by not inviting the guys out they all contacted me and curious where I've been. I was lonely and upset the guys weren't giving me attention and now I got the opposite from avoiding them. Love it!


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  • I wish you could choose number 4, but if his texts were weird last night, then I wouldn't go there. If you go out with the new guy and you aren't ready to proceed with him, that might make you have a bad night. And, in my unfortunate experience, hanging out with your ex is trouble when you are trying to date new guys. Your safest bet is the girl friend.


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  • It seems to me like you care for you're ex and he cares for you and makes you happy, so I'd go with him. It's up to you though! ^^

  • Go with your friend that you like :)

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