Where can I meet girls? I can't seem to find a date!

I was in a relationship from when I was 19 to a year ago and ever since we broke up I've had a hell of a time meeting girls. I can put on nice clothes, go to a bar flirt and get laid but for the life of me I cannot get a date and I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have a job, not a dirtbag, friendly, ex and I are on okay terms so no drama there. I tried dating online and that came down to mainly a popularity sort of contest with whomever has the best pic type of thing and I've never been good at that. I just want to meet girls, go out and have fun but none of the ones I meet seem interested in me for that. They say I'm funny, entertaining but not relationship material.

I'm really bummed out and could use some help. I can post pics, maybe there's something about my looks that is screwing me over and I don't know it.


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  • Keep trying, you'll meet someone. You could even ask your friends to introduce you to some of the girls they know.

  • I would say try a singles dance group hug


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