What does everyone think on here dating someone younger than yourself?

I have done it once but it was a year younger not a big deal in high school. I am kinda into a guy right now but he is 3 years younger than me but my limit is one at least for what I told myself. What is your limit (especially girls) because I know dating younger guys seems to be a thing of the past and wanted to know what you thought. What is your limit for dating a someone younger than yourself?

*(Also I might change my rule depending if we have enough chemistry and that is what matters but we are still getting to know each other right now).*

I have never exactly have had a path on age at all. I have gone either 2 years or older or a year younger than myself with very few as my age. This is the first time that this has happened with a guy being so much younger than I and seeming to have quite
a bit in common with me. I don't think I would ever go that young, I mean even if we do have a lot in common, I still feel it is too young but my mind could change later, but it takes a lot for me to do that.
Let me know if anyone has had this experience and what you think about any age difference you have had.


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  • I love that you think 3 years is a problematic age gap.

    I met my wife when I was 27. I knew she was slightly older than me, but I never asked her age, It just didn't matter to me because we fell in love. It didn't matter to me a year later when I noticed her date of birth on her driver's licence. She was in fact 10 years older than me.

    We'll have been married for 15 years next month. It's still not a problem.

    Surely you fall in love with the person they are, not their age? Otherwise it's like saying "I can't love you because you aren't between 5'9" and 6'2" . I have a height limit, and I'm sorry you fall just outside it..."

    A three year age gap only matters, if you let it matter

    • Congratulations on your 15 years together.

    • This is true, thank you for your comment. I might give it a shot (still getting to know him before I decide). Also Happy 15 Month!

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  • Personally I think that's all I'd date. I mean obviously I'd make an exception for a person I REALLY clicked with, but in terms of being "on the market" I'd only really look at younger girls. It would just feel kind of weird going out with an older girl. Plus at this age females mature faster emotionally so it's probably better if the guy's old enough to be on the same level emotionally as the girl.

  • Me being 26 and the girl who is interested in me is 19 is very stressful because she's still young enough to play those stupid games from high school but enough to give me a headache that I don't feel it's worth my time and effort.


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  • i personally don't care. if I am compatible with them, I don't care their age as long as theyre not like 4-5 years older or younger. but I just really don't care if we seem good ill give it a try. but I have noticed guys a little older are a bit better for me/

    • You are right it is about compatibility =]

    • thank you. it doesn't make sense that you can't be with someone you're perfect with just because of their age

  • I typically don't go for guys younger than me just because they're typically not mature for girls their age, so they would definitely not be mature enough for me. I actually tend to go for older guys. Maybe when I get older, guys will mature, and I'll rethink this...