Why can't I kiss my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a little over 3 months and for some reason it's really hard for me to kiss him. No he doesn't have bad breath or crusty lips lol...I have no problem with him kissing me on my neck or cheek ect. But for some reason when he gets to my lips I turn away or something and I don't know why...

I forgot to mention that this is not the first boyfriend I've had this problem with...


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  • Haha, if you wouldn't be able to do that after 2 weeks of persuasion I most certainly would say that this is not going to work out. Because for me, personally, that's incomprehensibly important.

    If you hadn't been raped and abused and force kissed before, then you most likely have a stupid and irrational perfectionistic desire. You are afraid of kissing because you are not sure how it would work out. So there are two solutions for you.

    1. Read up some kissing theory or watch this video here to know what kissing is bad, and try to mix primarily the third group with some of his story.


    His style is actually hilarious, so I double-recommend this video as it's not informative but also pretty damn fun.

    2. If that doesn't work either, then just force yourself to do it! After you've done it once, you won't have an issue with doing it again.

    But seriously, you'll have to get over this problem because kissing is really important. It's like, number #1 physical expression of affection.

    • Haha wow that vid was funny yet kind of helpful thanks

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  • Maybe you're just not ready to kiss him? Maybe you can't fully trust him just yet, or there just might be a part of you that's not comfortable sharing that type of intimacy with him? Hope I helped!

    • I think one of those may be right, thank you :)