Why is it when a man actively seeks a date, he's considered needy?

Too many people think a man should just let things happen without trying. This is not true as often, opportunities are passed by. In other cases, women will think a man is not interested in them and find someone who is. I dislike the stereotypes of a man as desperate or needy when a single, lonely man wants what everyone else already has. I see thousands of young college kids without lovers thinking they have time later on in their lives or don't want to come off as in need of another person in their lives.

Folks, time is something you really don't have plenty of, just ask anyone over thirty years of age how dating gets tougher as one gets older. Celebrities, supermodels and professional athletes being the exception.

Does anyone agree with me?


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  • I'm not a male, single nor am I over 30 but yes I agree.

    The same stereo type is set for all ages I think, and it's ridiculous. Everyone at some point in they're lives have wanted to be with someone, and has put themselves out there so why do they think they have the right to call anyone needy. Especially if they themselves have that special someone and are happy.

    In my experience the girls I have seen call people needy (men especially), were the ones self absorbed with ridiculously high standards, or happily in relationships. Neither of which qualify for labeling someone needy.

    For me if a guy is interested I want him to go all the way and show me, I don't want him to hold back because he'll think I think he's needy. Like you said if a guy is interested but shows no interest we will move on to someone who will.

    It's a crazy crazy world.


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  • you are so kind and warn , we all need thati nbody


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  • Well ideally, one likes sex to happen spontaneously, out of profound animalistic passion. Trying to 'court' a woman hardly fits the bill. There's too much political manuervering for it to be much fun.

  • I agree, it's stupid, the vast majority of women expect the man to do the pursuing and initiating, but yet they are against it when he does it?

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