Where did you meet your girlfriend/boyfriend?

Just wondering.. =)

  • Through a mutual friend
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  • At school/work
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  • Out somewhere (bar,club, anywhere else)
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  • On the internet
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Most Helpful Girl

  • online. quite embarrassed about that to be completely honest. but whatever, I would never have met him otherwise and I really like him


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  • Past client :)

    • Aww. :) How did you get from professional relationship to personal? I can't seem to figure it out. >.<

  • We met in school 9 years ago. But we didn't really start talking to each other or dating each other until a couple of months ago.

  • I met my boyfriend at a frat party. He was the doorman for his frat - earlier that day I had sworn off all men but couldn't resist my immediate attraction to him once I saw him. We ended up talking for six hours later that night...and have been dating for six months! Last place I thought I'd meet a good guy was at a frat party!

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