What kind of contact on a first date?

hey all, I have a question regarding physical contact on first date (or even second date). Dating is not my strong suit, at least in the first couple of dates because I have a hard time getting around the potential awkwardness of it. It's after that point I'm usually fine. But anyways what kind of level of contact is expected on a first (or second date)? Holding hands? the whole arm around the shoulder? Kiss or don't kiss? Should these things happen automatically? For example, say we're going or leaving our dinner place- would it not be weird to just automatically hold her hands then? Lol sorry if this all sounds extremely amateur but your advice is greatly appreciated. thanks!


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  • When you first see her, a friendly hug would be appropriate and help break the touch barrier. As you're on the date, you could help her with her coat putting it on and taking it off and depending on your date venue, if it's crowded you could let her walk in front of you and lightly graze the small of her back as to guide her through the crowd.

    Do not hold hands on the first date or put your arm around her. That's way too personal, invading her space for the first or second date in my opinion. Especially if you don't know her as a friend beforehand. And like I said, give her a kiss if you think the date went well and you both plan on seeing each other again.


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  • Well, when your first meeting up, it would be OK to give her a hug. I would avoid other contact like holding hands and putting your arms around her, because it is just the first date. I would not kiss her at the end of the first date, but you can always give her a hug again. I would hold off of the kissing and arms around the shoulder routines until you get to know her more and begin dating her more frequently. I hope that helps somewhat.

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