At what point should you have already gotten the first kiss?

Hey all, I was asking another question when I thought of this one. I know some people have their own opinions on whether or not to kiss on the first date and that's cool. My question is if you haven't had the first kiss by the end of your first date, at what point should you have already gotten it? 2nd date? 3rd date? Somewhere in between? If after say the 3rd date and you haven't, should you not even bother? thanks!


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  • Some people don't kiss on the first date. But I would say definitely by the second date. Doesn't need to be passionate, just something so you can feel sparks fly. :)

    And let it happen naturally, because if you try and force it, it will be awkward and just a bad kiss. Some girls are really inexperienced or waiting for you to initiate the first kiss. But if a girl is going out with you on dates, she's interested, so just go for it!


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