Why won't he text me?

so I hooked up with this guy on Friday and he didn't text me till wednesday. although I didn't give him my number so he found it out somehow. Well after we had a 2 hour texting conversation his phone was running out of batteries so he had to go. well he didn't text me after that so I waited a couple days and texted him on saturday. We talked a while but then he had to work but told me to text him how this party I was going to went. So I waited a couple hours and told him the party sucked and that I was stranded at school with some kid I don't know. well I told him that we were in the middle of the field and he was like oh, well what are you guys doing... and when I replied freezing our asses off he started talking about the weather then said well hopefully your not making things awkward with this kid. He also freaked out because I let my friend drive who happened to be high (stupid I know!) then when I told him my friend was freaking out on me for answering when my guy friend calling he wanted to know why he was calling me so much and when I told him the guy friend was sleeping over he was like OK OK , well hopefully y'all work it out. then I asked him about his night and he stopped responding around 12 something am. and hasn't texted me since... why did he only text me once? and why won't he text me in general? also he talks to me in person so I know he doesn't hate me.. also does he sound like he likes me?


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  • holy long.

    quit making too much assumption lol. shows that your crazy in some ways. just be cool relax. take a chill pill. go with the flow. what's going on with this generation


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