Why would a girl kiss me like this when I am pretty sure she does not like me?

This girl that I met at school. Fairly an oddball

First time she kissed me I was on a nature walk with her. She leans in grabs my face and we start kissing. This was my first kiss too.

She said a few mean things about me to me in my face. Things like you are so short I was this close to not asking you.

She then brings me into my room and starts kissing me again. This time it was on the verge of sex. But I stopped her since I was so discusted by the way she treated me.

3rd time we are at mall of america. She started making comments on the way I drive. She did not seem respondent to anything we were talking about. Since I have not lived in Minneapolis since I was a tot. I went down to a place called the Malt Shop which has bergers and malts and I remember going there when I was little. She still didn't seem happy. Why I went with her I don't know. I come to visit my grandparents I have not seen for awhile. I like a little kid go into their finished basment to bring back memories when I was little. She follows me down and grabs me by the arm and goes in for 3rd time for kissing.


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  • If you guys are going out she's trying to find that special feeling.


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