Did my first date with this guy go terribly?

So I just moved to a small town... I don't know anybody but I decided to go on a dating website to see what I could find. I had a guy message me... and it just so happens he sat behind me in my math class at the local college last quarter! We had our first date yesterday. Our date lasted from noon till about 7 when we ran out of ideas of things to do. He is very quiet so I didn't know what to make of that... my usual response is to just talk my way through nervousness... so I did but sometimes he would not reciprocate conversation. I liked him, though. I find him attractive and I like his hobbies (artistic things, like me) but I was at a loss of what he felt about me... When he dropped me off at my house, there was no hug goodbye, no peck on the cheek, no kiss in general. He didn't touch me the whole date... not even to hold my hand. The morning of the date, he added me on facebook and I saw his status the night before saying "So excited for tomorrow :)" and he added a new photo to his album and his mom commented "I love this picture! Hope you have fun tomorrow! ;)" So here I am sitting in the dark after this first date... we talked after the date, but I had to initiate and then we talked until I fell asleep. I was on his favorites list on the dating site and he always talked to me every night before the date... but I saw that almost as soon as he got home... he was online on the dating site... so I keep thinking our first date totally bombed as he hasn't given me any indication it went well... there was no talk of a future date either...


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  • It can't have gone terrible or bombed. He was with you for 7 hours.

    I've had dates that bombed. I usually found some way to make my excuses and leave. I never ever would have let it drag on for 7 hours unless I was doing someone a really really big favour by asking her out.

    It may not have had sparks and fireworks. But that doesn't mean it bombed. Give it a few days, then send him a message asking if he'd like to do it again. But wait a few days first. Seriously.


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  • did he contact you after the date? did you contact him?

    • I contacted him first and we talked for the rest of the night... but I can't tell if it even went well for him! I said I had a good time and thank you and he said I'm glad you did but he never said that he did until I said I hope you had a good time too. I was talking to him about something before I fell asleep and he said something like "oh you're not weird, you're cute" but I don't know if he even finds me attractive! On his dating profile, it does say he isn't looking for anything serious...