He says he likes me, and acts like my boyfriend, but he doesn't want to date me?

I met this guy who is in law school, 2 years older than me (I am a senior in undergrad)...We have been hanging out the past two weeks basically just getting to know each other and we have both confessed that we really like each other and enjoy each others' company. Last night, he brought me roses then took me on this amazing date to a nice restaurant (with a full price bottle of wine) and to see a movie. Because all the signs were pointing to it, I thought that he would ask me to date him, but was disappointed when he didn't. So I straight up said, "I think you should date me" and being in law school, he was able to give me a round about answer like well I'm not going anywhere, I don't plan on seeing anyone else, I like being with you...but didn't say, yes...

Am I being too forward? I thought we had great chemistry and it is so confusing when he already acts like a boyfriend. He had a messy break up from a two year relationship about 7 months ago so is he scared to get involved again?

I just don't want to continue having these feelings towards him only to be let down later :/


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  • He's not looking for a serious commitment, but don't be putting out either

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