Is it OK to date a girlfriend who has an anger problem?

I have been with this girl for 2 years now, I love her to death, She's funny, sweet, loyal, and amazingly beautiful. Just Every time there's an argument she gets upset then curses up a storm and most of the time she would insult me like call me a di ck, jerk, As shole, things of that nature. I never insult her because where I come from its extremely rude and wrong to insult or hurt a woman mentally or physically. It happens every time, I mean I'm sure some of the fights are because of me or something but still is it wrong?


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  • The biggest component of a relationship is respect. It seems like you have a lot of respect for her, but she loses respect for you when you get in an argument. That is not OK. I think you're absolutely right for keeping insults out of an argument. Insults only create resentment in relationships. Your respect for women and maturity will have its rewards, I promise. But she should also have more respect for men and you to not act like that either.

    In my opinion, talk to her again (not today because of V-day unless you have a major argument). And this time, tell her the things you love about her, but that this treatment from her is a dealbreaker. Tell her you've been waiting 2 years for a change, and that you're to the point now where it's ruining the respect in the relationship. If it doesn't change immediately after that conversation, break up with her.

    It's not to say you haven't done something to provoke these fights, but if you're keeping insults and cursing out of the arguments, so should she. You will find another funny, sweet, loyal and amazingly beautiful woman that will respect you more.

    • Thank you for your kind words, ill try again today, I really want me and her to work out for the best, Thanks Again =)

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  • Like you said she has an anger problem. Maybe talk to her about. Explain how you feel when she calls you things like that.

    • I did ,over and over again over the course of this relationship, she says sorry and how she won't do it again, then it keeps happening again =( I don't know what to do, and today is Valentine's day and now I'm wondering about us

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    • thanks for your help =)

    • Best of luck to you and her :)

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