Why do guys think it's "cute" to wait so long to text back?

Seriously...if a girl really is into you, you can text her back and

not wait 8-10 minutes in between EVERY text...really? Its not cute...us girls figure that game out real quick and it puts you into the category

as childish and a player. & that "game" is only a turn off for me. I feel that I can't take you serious about being with me if your more interested in the text game- just wondering...not trying to act like

A hater, just hate these juvenile games-


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  • This is why chatting, texting, e-mailing and pin pal dating does not work.

    Call, talk and meet then move on... Or text for months.

    • Lol! Sounds about right!

    • if I were a girl and a guy kept texting as a way to socialize, I wouldn't give him the time or day.

      A few here and there is okay, but if a guy did texting games... forget it.

  • Heaven forbid you actually have a phone convo or even...gasp...meet face to face...

    Although I agrre. I had a "texting" relationship ONCE..irritating as hell

    As far as your question goes...Have you thought maybe it takes him awhile to get the texts or that he might even be doing something?

    • Apparently some guys are phone phobic. I have heard from the last 2 guys how they hate

      talking on the phone. & also, sometimes I know they are not "busy" and that's why its so

      frustrating. I am a cool chick, its not me (i.e. talk too much, talk about drama and unnecessary

      crap)...just want to hear their voice because you can really tell what they mean when they talk-

    • i agree completely. texting has its uses but not for having a huge convo. so much can be misconstrued.

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