Girls which would you prefer to date and which to fling?

a loud outgoing guy with lots of friends (both genders), lots of confidence

and a more quiet calm guy, with "silent" confidence and high self value (but not in your face confident) and only a handful of close friends

which would you date? which would you fling/fwb with?

explain why if you can

ty :)


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  • I would date the more calm quiet guy because I dislike obnoxious guys.


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  • i would date more quiet calm guy, with silent confidence and high self value but not in your face confient anfd a handfull of friends.

  • Date: Quiet guy. Fling/FWB: Outgoing guy.

    • I would date the quiet guy because he's just more my type. The outgoing guy seems more to me as if they would be a lot of competition for other girls and I'm not into that. I wouldn't have a FWB though or a "fling" but if I really did have one, it would be him.

    • why tho? would you assume thar he's better in bed because of his persona ?

      jus wondering =]

    • No, just that he wouldn't seem like the relationship type of guy that I would be interested.

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