I joined a few dating sites just to see how they work, I get like 98% accepted.

tell me about your results .

I get like 20 or 50 good looking girl excepting me.what bathers me about site like those is they are strangers so you don't know how they are in real life and what they are doing online. I mean I easily just talk girls in class. so what they point of these site? those anybody actual meet the people in person. I would probably never MEET stranger online and I can only think how scary a site maybe to a female. 100% free sites.


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  • Well, I personally like to pick up girls during the day (at a coffee shop, school campus, gym). 98% of the time there strangers. I have never used one of those sites but I see no problem meeting someone to go on a date. I mean its just a date, if you don't like the girl you can end it.

    • I mean I'll go to the store and talk to real girl but online you never know who's on the other end.

      crime comiited by women has rose since the 70's I read lol

      we live in a time when mental illness is on the rise lol

    • Well you can meet in a public place and talk on the phone before meeting but I understand what your saying.

    • I live close to Detroit and I'm surround by some bad inner citys left to right the closets would be Ypsilanti MI, to the north is flint and to the west is jacks michigan to the some is toledo ohio..I've read about people getting set up online for robberies lol

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  • I met my boyfriend through dating website and it was great. Maybe two of us was lucky because both ear good and honest . I knew many couple also have happy ending through online dating..

    God luck and don't be so skeptical!


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    • your kind of late with this one.

    • you knew you could count on me...

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