Is it worth trying to convince someone to date you who can't (for religious reasons)?

The guy I like is Jewish and, according to his family/culture, I am not allowed to date him as I am not Jewish. He doesn't agree with his family, but he also feels like he cannot disappoint them, also.

I would immediately drop it as it seems like a huge thing to expect someone to turn their back on, but we are literally perfect for each other. We have all the same interests, we just click. I have never met someone so like me, let alone of the opposite gender!


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  • ouch.. that's a hard position to be in.. I mean the easiest way around that is to just hang out but never officially be together. that's kinda sneaky and I'm not sure if he would feel bad about that either, but try it out. talk to him though because it sounds like the two of you are really good together and you are reasonable (not like some girls who expect everything to change for them) if he doesn't mind trying it out, then good for you, but both of you should understand that eventually the family will get in the way. enjoy what time and whatever it is you have now though =) its rare to find something so great


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