Torn between two friends?

Two of me best guy friends like me and have each asked me on a date. I don't want to hurt neither of their feelings by saying no. So what should I do?


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  • Dont choose one of them and hurt the other one. Turn them both down, If neither of them get you its likely neither will be that hurt by it but choosing one over the other...

    • I very well agree. But how would I tell each of them no. I mean it's bad enough they both like me. But those two are also friends.

    • So tell them that.

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  • Go out with each one behind the others back.

    • Are you serious ? Let's hope you are kidding !...If you are not kidding then I suggest to the one who posted this question to avoid this response at any cost !

    • fail as a decent human being.

    • I don't think I could do that. I hate seeing other people get hurt.

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