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Guys, Why do men like ‘the chase’ ?

I’m ugly to average looking (feedback from a lifetime)

I've experienced a lot of rejection (consistently).
I used to initiate things with men when I was younger.

After consistent rejection spanning 10-15 years, I just accepted relationships are only for women that fit society’s beauty standards.
So i’d engage in a friend way with men, with no expectation for anything more.

I was surprised when it transpired some had romantic interest.
Ahead of the revelation, I responded slowly, sporadically and sometimes not at all (as I have a busy life etc) .
They would chase for responses aggressively, and become obsessive. And be more interested in me than the perfect skinny blonde women they were dating. Why?

I’ve also had guys pretend to be interested, just to see if they could get a response to a message sent in response to a lengthy list of criteria id listed in my online dating profile (they ghosted shortly after - which suggests it was about game vs genuine interest).

So why do men do this?
Guys, Why do men like ‘the chase’ ?
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