Whats the minimum height you'd date?

whats your min height to date?

how tall are you?

p.s. I'm going somewhere with this Q, not looking to whine

Im f***ed lol xD


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  • I'm 5'8"

    Dead minimum? My height -- I've gone shorter and disliked it, I've also gone way taller (by eight inches) and found that to be too much.

    Ideal? I have a thing for guys that hit around the 6'2" mark... 6'1", 6'3" yum. Things just line up awesomely, and it's the perfect height for resting my head on his shoulder when I'm sleepy or need a hug. Then again this height difference follows the 1.1 rule... so maybe that has some merit?

    Deal breaker? If you're an awesome guy I'll say f*** the height and go out with you regardless of height. I had the biggest crush on this short guy for the LONGEST time back in high school because we could talk about anything and his voice was just so appealing.

    • 1.1 rule?

    • Multiply your height by 1.1 and you get the height that some think is the most appealing for someone of your stature so for me 68" * 1.1 = 74" or 6'2"

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  • 6'3" and I guess my minimum height would be 5'3". I don't really know, though. Height isn't the ultimate deal breaker for me, not even in the top ten.

  • I'm 5'8" my minimum is 4'10".

  • I'm 6'0, so I guess my minimum would be about 5'0. Now that I say this, some beautiful girl that is 4'11" will try to steal my heart, and I will have to turn her away saying "You are not tall enough to ride this ride."

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