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:D see fellow Gamers? We do well too :P And the other facts are interesting too. So ya, if you ever had a wonder about being a gamer or going to a dating site or any such thing hurts you? Nope.

The bit about a man actually getting more emotionally effected about a relationship is a "OF COURSE!" kinda thing to me. More proof men are the ones who truly put the most into a relationship. Sure not all, but in general men generally confide and rely on their significant other first and foremost and women, not so much. :\

The feminism one I'm not surprised at either. I mean, true feminists are awesome people. Principled and fair. It's appealing and you get such fun conversations with em. Plus it can be fun at times just to say something sexist to have some fun with them in a playful way :P if they recognize it, they play back and that's fun.

The living together one is really interesting. I was not expecting that O.o I still don't believe it cause there are too many factors that there's no way they can single the divorce rate on the living together. Then again.. they could be right. The reasons do make logical sense. Hmmm

So what are your thoughts?


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  • The feminism is an obvious one that a lot of people decide to get wrong. Think about it: part of feminism is the proposition that women are entitled to own their decisions, rather than defer to some authority. It follows, then, that this applies to *sexual* decisions as well.

    What annoys some people is that, a. she gets to say no, and b. she gets to say yes. This isn't feminism's problem, though, just people who need to get with it.

    • What people have a problem with many feminists today isn't that they are for equal rights, but that many of them are more for women superiority which is frustrating. I know there are women who are true feminists and they're awesome. And then I know those who are feminists by what they are thought of in today's standards and it's annoying.

    • Yeah, the feminine superiority thing is annoying and frustrating. I honestly think that both genders can be idiots most of the time. It's crazy how power hungry some people are... Any who, but I think the feminist who take it that far have history complexes. As in they can't get over how Women were treated 150 or so years ago, give or take.

    • Well it wasn't anything to be proud of with how women (and others) were treated in the past :\ but you can't let the past (so far at that) be your basis for your mindset today. Well, not exactly that is :P but ya, oh well.

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  • Great article, I love! I don't really agree with WoW players having more dates, everyone I've met that plays WoW is basically a shut-in

  • Love cracked. Read like 100's of articles. :)

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