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My first ever date?

I met this guy on social media and we have been talking everyday and night for 2 weeks (I am 18 and he is 19). We have already facetimed and called each other and we are friends with each other on all social media’s and phone number. He has told me numerous times he likes me and finds me attractive as we have so much in common. Yesterday, we decided to meet up in person and go on a date cause we wanted to meet. I think the date went really well like the conversation was flowing, he kept teasing me and making jokes and it wasn’t awkward at all. This was my first ever date (not for him though) so I don’t know if it was good because I have nothing to compare it too. So after the date, I texted him saying I left money in the car for petrol as he drove us around and I felt bad so I wanted to thank him for it, we talked a little about that but since then nothing. I thought he would of texted me or something like after as we usually talk everyday, but I have recieved nothing. I am freaking out cause he might not have enjoyed the date like I did and might not like me anymore.
My first ever date?
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