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Should I go out with this very young girl?

She is a young Latina. 21. And I am 32. She actually was my co-worker but quit recently, and I texted her and asked her why I hadn't seen her anymore and that's when she told me she quit.

When she was still at our job, we would talk in Spanish and flirt a little bit, and she was really shocked and flattered that I knew Spanish singers and groups like she did. One day in the lunch room she asked me if I wanted to go to karaoke cuz she wanted to and I was down with that. She took my phone out of my hands and put her name and number in it and said she would let me know if she still planned on it. After that I didn't hear from her or see her much more. A buddy told me not to let her get away and to text her and find out what was up. The guy gave great advice. So I did and we planned on doing something this weekend but I had to cancel to take care of something but she said "Okay. Next Friday. Maybe."

A lot of you here know I really only like older women, but this girl IS a cutie pie and I like our exchanges in Spanish. But she's so young. 21 is just too young for me, but maybe I should just see where it goes? What do you guys think?
Should I go out with this very young girl?
Should I go out with this very young girl?
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