Give me your opinion about my dating profile. [LADIES ONLY]

Your honest opinion about how I look, how my profile grabs you, just be honest with me:



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  • I think it's nice, the only thing I would change about it is when you said your name Pascal(it's French) sounds a little off putting(not being French, but saying that). Also, under what your looking for, it says short term dating, which is also off putting because it sounds like your okay with a hookup, though you said you weren't in other parts of your profile, so it would be contradictory and make me think your dishonest in your profile.


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  • It's a pretty decent profile. You highlight your strength in relationship qualities that women prefer. The only thing that I have a huge problem with is the screen name "TheRightGuy4Ux." It's very presumptuous and a little immature. Saying "the right guy 4 u" doesn't seem like you're looking for one special girl; it's a gross generalization and sounds like you're telling every girl on the web site that you're right for her. My name for emails and chats is always simple (usually my full name). Adding in x's and using abbreviations like "4 u" doesn't tell me that a man is mature. It just says he uses the internet etiquette of a young teenage girl.

    Anyway, I hope this wasn't too mean. You asked for honesty and I know that I (and many people I know) would never contact a man with the screen name you're currently using. Just consider it at least.

    • I didn't change my SN for that profile (there's a heck of a lot that goes into making one on that site) but I did create a new profile (basically a copy w/upgrades) here: link

  • First off, I have ALWAYS said that communication is the key! So is honesty,!

    Best part on the entire thing.

    And in all honesty, you seem too good to be true,!

    Nothing really turned me off from your profile, except that you don't want kids.

    But It's a great profile,!


    • Thank you ^_^

      ...and actually that site unfortunately doesn't have an option to say "not ready for children yet". I want kids, just not at this point in my life.

    • Oh well then like I said,! You seem to good to be true,!


  • I like it. you are honest and intelligent. good pics too! not a fan of the username, but it wouldn't deter me... and we are 80% match! :)

    • 80% huh? lol. Thank you for taking the time to give it look.

  • I've seen you post this many times. You're a nice guy but you shouldn't worry too much about a profile. I'm pretty sure the main problem would be the girls anyway. For example, I had one but I never emailed guys because I wasn't comfortable with the whole online dating thing. I've asked my friends too and we all pretty much waited for a guy to email us and if he seems nice we respond back. If the online dating thing isn't working out for you then perhaps its time to look into other forms of meeting ppl. Try bible studies or other activities where there are group gatherings.

    • I'm not into bar hopping (been there, done that, bad idea) and I've tried the bible group idea (girls are always to young), and don't even get me started on college (THEY'RE ALL ALREADY TAKEN). So I'm at the end of my rope, the best thing I could think of was to do the whole online dating bit =/

    • Yeah, bar/club scene is not good at all. I don't know how it is in your area, but many churches here (TX)usually have 20+ gathering groups, and some specifically for singles. Ask coworkers, clients, classmates, etc. if they know of any. You don't even have to go to their particular church. Like for example I have a home church on sundays but on Saturday nights I travel to another church where they have service specifically for young adults (21 years old +). You really don't want to depend too much

    • on the online bit since most of the time those relationships don't even last..from my perspective/experience at least. I'm not saying to quit it, but it's good to have some sort of alternative.

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