How do I keep a skater still?!

I like this boy and he says he likes me too, but he never ever stops skating. its not too bad watching him do kickflips and ollies and learning about one of his hobbies, but I always have to come and watch him up town, which means I'm sitting there with his friends, and because my friends and his don't get on none of mine want to come with me. I love him to peices but I wouldn't mind some one on one time every now and again :) what should I do I can't seem to get a word in on daily planning lol

i go to watch him skate because he asks me too, and because I care for him I go. I just don't know how to tell him we spend too much time doing things he likes and not enough time doing some things I like


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  • Then why come and watch him skate if he doesn't pay attention to your needs? Obviously he likes a piece of wood with wheels on it much more than he likes you.


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  • Honestly, find a different guy. Some guys aren't willing to bend at all for a girlfriend. They're not really worth being around.

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