Should I pursue him or leave it alone?

I've been dating this guy for 1 1/2 month now. We hit it off just fine, spent wonderful time together. He said I was the best thing ever happened to him. He brought the best out of me. Anyway, he had broken up with his girlfriend of 12 years (who he still lives with) before we got together... told me he's trying to sort out the house deal (deed is in both names... paying mortgage), but deep down I felt he was still too attached to her. They don't have kids together but he helped raised her 2 daughters. Anyway, 2 Sundays ago a common friend of ours took me by his house, and he was pissed off because we showed up! He was OK there, but when we left he started texting me, bitching me cause I 'messed up' everything for him and her... that she was suspicious that we had something going on. I said, if you're done already, why worry? Anyway, he bitched me off through texting all through Monday the whole day, and I said I'm sorry I didn't mean to mess up... etc... then I got to a point I couldn't handle all his bitching anymore and I said "get over it!". He was extremely mad at me and said "ok I will handle it by myself." Then stopped talking to me the whole week. Then Sat I called him and asked what's the deal... he said me and him are still together and he loves me but he was still pissed off at me and would stay like this for a long time... maybe 2-3 months! I thought he was overreacting. I've never seen that before. So now I haven't heard from him since Sat again. I wonder if he's trying to work things out with her, but he told me there was no possible way they could be together cause he was so tired of her... When we went there we noticed that they don't even look at each other. There is no connection anymore, it was very clear. But he still looked at me with melted eyes. I know he felt something for me. But now he's mad at me. Should I just wait until he calms down and pursue this relationship or just plain leave it alone and go on with my life? I'm 34 and he's 39. Thank you so much!


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  • He's messing you about, he's not worth it! it sounds to me as if you were the 'rebound' for him... he's not over his ex, and picks you up and drops you when it suits him! I went through a phase when I was younger of being the 'rebound', I'm not sure what it is about certain women that guys see this in us, but it really got boring! This behavior sounds very familiar to me. Forget him and move on is the best advice I can give really. :(