Is it okay if I want to hang out with a guy if he has a girlfriend?

You see I kinda like this good family friend of mine. He's cute and he's two years younger than me.(I'm 18 and he's 16) He has a girlfriend but they were on the rock a couple weeks ago. I hadnt really thought of him as a boyfriend until I talked to him recently at a fair. He seemed really nice and thoughtful. So when I would see him after that I would say hi and ask him how he's doing. My cousin works with him and it sounded like he was going to break up with his girlfriend to go out with me. But then I didn't see him for like two weeks and he stayed with his girlfriend. Do you think its okay to hang out with him now even though he has this girlfriend?


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  • Well, if you had a bf, and another girl wanted to hang out with him----how would you feel about that? If you think is the right thing to do, then why not? However, if you think only skanks do that, then maybe not a good idea. It all depends on what type of values you got.


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