Advice on dating a shy girl?

I've got to know this girl from work well in the last month and we have gone out on a few dates. I'm 19, she's 18. We get on really well at work and laugh a lot. We've held hands, hugged and she had no problem with me playing with her hair. She looks me in the eye a lot more than at first. Furthermore I've also been round her house for a family meal and she introduced me to them.

However on the date before last we went back to her house and it was late. Her family were all asleep and we just lay on the sofa watching some TV. I tried to kiss her but she she said she couldn't. I didn't pressure her and ask why. She said she likes me a lot and "more than friends". I just said I wouldn't rush her. I get the feeling she doesn't have too much experience with guys, if any, from what I know about her. Anyway we've been out on another date since and had good fun, so there's no awkwardness and clearly she must at least like me to go on another date.

- The problem is I don't know how to make her feel more comfortable and safe around me.

- I'm not obsessed with the idea of kissing her or other physical stuff, I actually like getting to know her as a person as well, but clearly kissing is a step in a relationship.

- Will it just "happen" when she's ready, should I take a step back and give her space?, or should we focus on just having more fun dates?

Thank you!


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  • Give her time and don't rush much into anything


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