Want to ask this girl for a date, but feel too nervous, maybe ashamed even.

We've seen each other at this grocery store for several months now, and I like this girl. She's at work there, and I come here almost daily, she's not there every day but only occasionally. I never made any advances; as a shy guy I just say hello, pay my things and say bye. And she's nice and pretty. After these many months, I'm beginning to wonder why don't I ask her out for a date.

How should I ask her now suddenly; I feel silly, considering we've seen each other at this store for months now and we've not talked much actually. How do I make a start now?


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  • well strike up more of a conversation when you say hello and she's ringing up your things.. smile more and make more eye contact. there's a start, wait till you actually get into more conversations and then you can ask for a date or just ask when her shifts ends and whether or not you could take her out afterwards

    • Thanks for your input. I don't know if she really likes me, she seems somewhat nervous sometimes, maybe that's a good sign for me to have a chance or not. I think I just try to start a conversation, how simple ever, no matter how silly I may feel.

    • =) take a chance! good luck

  • ask for you advice, what's her favorite pop corn brand? seen any good movies lately? ect.


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