Why doesn't my boyfriend text me anymore?

i just starting dating this guy a couple of days ago but like before we texted all the time everyday. He was always so nice with the things he would say. He told me he liked me for along time since he got the courage to sit next to me in class. He would flirt with me in class all the time and like still to this day he will look at me and smile when I'm not looking but since we started dating he quit texting me and barely replies to my text messages? why is he doing this? what should I do to change it and how do I get him to like me more?


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  • if he likes you more you will ignore his texts, :)...you want him to chase you...But still, may be he is busy or got some personal problems to solve..Nyways, be nice to him & giv him space I guess. :)

    • trueee ha ha but like I don't want to be too avoiding you know?

    • :) ye OK, but you will get bored of one another if you text every second, so giv it some space & play it cool, he is your boyfriend after all, so text when its necesary :)

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