We were due to get married, I was six weeks pregnant and he called everything off.

We were a month away from being married, I was six weeks pregnant as far as I was aware we were happy with normal ups and downs of a relationship. He called everything off and said it was for lots of different reasons. We didn't talk for a couple of weeks and when we did he agreed to counseling together, and said he wanted to work things out. But barely called text or anything.So I was in emotional limbo with him and told him how I felt. He said OK lets try be friends . I agreed because I thought it would be the best thing. But it hurt to much and I couldn't cope with that transition. I told him give me time to get over him before I had him in my life again. He is acting really depressed and has been laid off work with depression put on tablets. He is winging to everyone saying he is heartbroken he can't come to the scan etc... I'm not stopping him to hurt him, but I have had severe depression because of this and have two other kids to. I don't want postnatal depression and am trying to move on from him to prevent it as he has broken my heart :-(. What should I do? I still love him . Why is he behaving like this ? and why has he behaved like this? he started being really mean to me telling me the breakup was all my fault it tore me apart and that's why I've had to cut him out. I wish I knew what was going through his head and what to do and how he is feeling :-( take care of


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  • This is really complicated because there's a child involved. But by the same token, that simplifies things. You're going to be a mother. That is more important than your romantic life. What you should be worrying about is whether it will be good for your child to be around this man or not.

    Right now, if being around him affects you physically, it may hurt your unborn child. That's reason enough not to see him.

    You're both parents now. Your child comes first from now on.

    • this is why :-( because every time he upsets me I don't eat or sleep properly and I get distressed which affects both my other children. Am absolutely devastated he has left me like this :_( didn't think he would do this at all was a very big shock to me and the kids. Am heartbroken :-( wish I could reverse this situation.

    • I know it hurts. In the long run it will be rewarding beyond description to know that you did the best you could for your kids. Good luck.

    • thankyou :-( x

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