Would you say that the dating and relationships scene is fair for girls, but not fair for guys?

The reason why I say that the dating and relationships, boyfriend/girlfriend scene is fair for girls but not fair for guys is for the obvious reason that us guys always have to be the ones to initiate everything, we have to make the first move and start the conversations, keep them alive, prevent all of the awkward silences and pauses, call back first after the date, overall, initiate everything, while girls get everything handed to them on a silver platter, they get to be spoiled by us guys which I don't like. Hell, even Dating and Relationship Experts Ron Louis and David Copeland will openly admit and say that Dating is not fair. But that's not the whole story, the fact that us guys have to initiate everything is not the only thing that is not fair. It's because girls just have to be cute and pretty, look good in order to attract guys, in order to be girlfriend material, that's all, a girl can be bratty, boring, have no life, be negative everything as long as she is very hot, meanwhile guys have to be high status, talk right, think right, walk right, sit right, stand right, breathe right, have the right social skills, the right conversation skills, the right attitude, the right mentality, the right way of thinking, they have to have a life, be in involved in something or with something, have a passion, be a leader and not a follower, be confident, have friends, be outgoing, be decent looking, be tall.

  • Dating and Relationships is fair for girls but not for guys
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  • Dating and Relationships is fair for guys but not for girls
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  • It's not fair for anyone, both guys and girls
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Also us guys have to be funny, girls don't have to be funny, overall, girls just have to be born cute, born hot, look good, that's all, nothing else, literally nothing else.
man I get so f***in' jealous and envious of girls


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  • as a girl I would say we have the upper hand


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  • Lolz you do post this question a lotttt

    • so?...

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    • you girls are such f***in' bitches, ****s

    • Go gay then f***er. You're an asshole. The female race doesn't want you.

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  • When it comes to dating, most men want sex, and not much else. Thus they set their standards pretty low. As long as the girl is decently cute, they're happy with it. Girls have figured that and use it to their advantage. They know what most guys are after and cute ones know that tons of guys will try to get in their pants so they can be very selective. The day most men focus on something else than look or sex, the balance of things will change.

    Blame men, not women for this.

    The big downside for guys that have much higher standards is that it'll difficult to find a girl that is cute and has an interesting personality. To get a guy, lots of girls don't need to be funny, smart etc... They have truck loads of guys after them no matter what.

    As a result of men's childish attitude, quite a few girls develop a queeny shallow attitude. They believe they are the greatest thing since sliced bread while they don't have much to offer beside their look.

    So who suffers from all this?

    - Guys looking for an all around great girl

    - Girls that are not very good looking because most guys wouldn't even look at them

    - Girls with great personalities who meet guys that don't care about anything else than their look

    - Older gals who even when good looking starts to have a hard time finding a guy wanting to settle with them

    Let's all thank men's childish attitude for creating that stupid mess

    • yeah, unfortuneately, so what you say older women have it harder than older men?

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    • it's because it's unfair, we guys can't be born boyfriend material, meanwhile you girls can easily just be born girlfriend material

    • I see older women dating men all the time

  • i agree with you

  • yeah I agree with you, BUT but if a girl sleeps around...she's a slut, however, if we do, then it's a good thing.

    according to your question and to what I just stated ...I'd say it's fair.

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    • thats not where I was getting at, I still think it's fair for girls and not fair for guys because we guys have to initiate everything, whether it is for a one-night stand, or for an actual, serious, committed, long-term relationship, because there's no guarantee if we guys initiate, which is why I hate doing it