How should I change my date? Urgent!

So I just saw the guy I'm going out with tonight. I asked him, "Hey are we still on for tonight?" and he said, "Yeah. My sister isn't coming until 3 to take me to lunch and then I'm done with class at 7" so I was like, "Well are you even going to want to eat? Will you be hungry?" and He said, "Probably not, but I'm still down with going out somewhere." Our plan was to come back after dinner and watch Across The Universe and I already rented the movie. So I was like well I don't really care that he doesn't wanna eat I guess... I mean I do but what can I do so... I just wanna make sure that we don't just watch the movie and then he leaves.

Because this is our first real date but we hung out before and watched a movie and he left shortly after it was over even though it was only about 9:30pm and I know for a fact he doesn't go to sleep until 3am

I feel like going to do an activity is weird because we will be watching a movie then anyway and there's a lot of things he can't do...

What should I plan to do instead of dinner? It would be weird to go out and eat while he doesn't. I still really wanna watch the movie then anyway.

I could say that we could go eat after the movie but hardly anywhere will still be open...


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  • This may face some criticism by some of the guys on this site, but girl if he's throwing monkey wrenches in your plans and not lifting a finger to work something out, he's just lazy and uninterested. I would not be working so hard if I were you. See the movie, and if he wants something more to happen before or after, he'll make it happen. If he's leaving, it's because he wants to leave. Don't bend over backwards trying to make all these plans if he's not lifting a finger. Men and women are simply different. If a woman isn't doing much, it's called courting. If a man isn't doing much, it means he's not interested. It may be unfair, but it's almost always the case. Especially if he's breaking dinner plans you previously had.

    See the movie if you want, but don't plan anything else. Pay attention to how he acts tonight and if he's quick to leave then you'll have your answer.

    • And by "some of the guys" I'm talking about the shy ones that don't pursue women at all.

    • He wasn't being rude or anything. he told me when I asked him out that his sister was taking him to lunch that day but I figured it would be around noon but she didn't end up coming til 3. But he didn't leave until 12:30 am and he asked me out for Monday night so that's good! :)

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  • another girl bending over for an unappreciative asshole

    nothing new


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