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He wants toned things over this?

So my boyfriend of 9 months wants to break up with me over my extensions. I had long beautiful hair and had a protein treatment that basically made a lot of my hair fall out and fried my ends so I cut it to my shoulders. My natural hair is a mess and I decided to wear extensions while it grows back. I feel sooo much more confident. Like the old me. Anyway my boyfriend hates them. He met me wearing them he just didn’t know, but I told him a few weeks in. He said they “gross” him out and if we’re going to be together he refuses me to wear them anymore or else we have to break up. This seems crazy to me. I offered to compromise and not wear them to bed or during sex and to not wear them out on date nights (sometimes) but none of this is good enough. He said all or nothing. So I guess we broke up yesterday. Thoughts?
He wants toned things over this?
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