What will he think?

What if I slept with him on the first date?

We had an instant connection, it felt right, and it was great!

Just wondering If I made a mistake.

Girls...don't give it up ...even after the 10th date! He was only interested in sex.

It was liberating and great... But I don't think I will do it again...ever!
Guess I'm at the stage in my life where I'm a little wiser and looking for something special... And chances of developing a meaningful connection are slim if you give it up on the first date. Just my thoughts at the mo...


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  • there's no way to answer this without knowing what the guy is like - everyone's different, and some people are small-minded enough to treat you differently even though you did the same thing (they'd call you an "easy lay" and him a "stud") :(

    if you had fun & enjoyed it, then whatever else happens, you can hold on to that and be pleased with it. hopefully he had fun too & will want to get together again (which I guess is what you want).

    the only thing I might suggest is to play it cool & not throw a lot of calls or messages at him; you've started off kind of "relaxed" so it's probably best to keep it that way for a bit.

    good luck

    • Thanks :)

    • Just wondering if he could possibly see through the cliched idea that sex on the first date makes you easy. What do guys think when this happens?? Are you inclined to think "slut" right away??

      I really like him, he initiated the physical contact, and I went along with it. Have mixed feelings, maybe I should have stood my ground, how ever difficult it would have been, just to show him that I respect myself, and I don't go around bonking every guy I see??

    • Again - it depends on the guy; I'd argue that if he *doesn't* see past the cliche, then he's not worth bothering about anyway. I don't think the answer is "holding out" from now on, but it may be a good idea to find a way to let him know what you do is on *your* terms as well as his (he's your plaything as much as you his ;) ) GL

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  • Instant connction, felt right, was great, and you're asking if it was a mistake? Why? Of course it's not a mistake.

  • Liberating...great...never again.

    How's that work?

  • sounds fun.

  • don't do it again.


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