Why am I always getting put on the back burner? What am I doing wrong?

About me: i’m the romantic type I buy flowers I remembere special date I plan dinners and events I have never cheated. I’m on the ground and good person and in some aspects I can say I am the dream guy girls look for.

my first relationship everything’s gone great up until the point when she cracked her kneecap.😖 I am damn the anger started butI supported her and helped her out until she was healed enough to walk then she broke up with me Got pregnant by another guy and move out of state. The relationship lasted 10 months

Second relationship I cannot stress how beautiful she was to me she was the most beautiful creature on the face of the planet we went to church together we did all the good to good relationship stuff I can literally tell you the relationship was perfect so I thought until one night she just up and left without saying a word. That’s the relationship that almost broke me it lasted Almost 2 years

Annable mentions: One time some girl told me that if she doesn’t find anybody to marry she would Marry me which is really fu*%# up. #Backburner

I was talking to this girl once and I found out she was single so I thought but what I didn’t know at the time she was talking to my brother and bumping uglies with her ex

I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with me, I don’t know if I have bad taste in women or just straight up good luck

They said he liked me the city like me then after a while boom!! 180 with how they feel about me

I’m lost 🙁
Why am I always getting put on the back burner? What am I doing wrong?
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