Should I tell him I've never kissed anyone?

we're friends and we're starting to date each other so I think he might try and kiss me also he knows I've never been in a relationship but should I still tell him?


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  • Yeah, of course. That's an attractive thing...because he'll share your first kiss.

    • Sorry to butt in on a question that isn't mine, but I'm in a similar situation.

      What age would it become weird that you have never kissed? I mean, sure, it's charming when you're a teen, but at what point does it go from "Awww, I'll be her first!" to "Geez, what's wrong with her if no one's ever kissed her?"

    • Let's say I go on a date with a girl that has never kissed...two scenarios:

      First: I get to know her and find a lot of unattractive personality traits about her. It'll be no surprise that she's never been kissed. I'd realize that and get the hell out of there...

      Second: I get to know her and find out she's has an out-of-this-world personality. Maybe she's shy; maybe that's why no one's giver her a kiss because she never got close enough with anyone.

      It's not the age, it's all personality.

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