What's the right level of communication to let a guy know you're interested in something more?

I've been seeing this guy casually for a few months now. We hang out every now and then and usually hook up. It started as harmless flirtation and making out, etc. But recently we've been talking a whole lot more. And getting a lot closer physically. I haven't breached the subject of being a "couple" or anything too crazy. Just that we should go out some time and get to know each other a little better.

And he responded very positively to the idea. The truth is, even though we started out as just a little fun, I'm starting to like the guy. I still try not to contact him all the time-- I like to give him space so I don't suffocate him and drive him away. But what's the right balance of proper communication? To let him know I'm interested, but not be overbearing? And what should I use to open up communication? Especially through text? And what suggestions do you have for being flirty through text, and maybe even a little suggestive? Without being too naughty ;)


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  • Texting him something like, "I like your socks." is suggestive enough! If he can't take a hint, well,...

    Not sending more than one text a day is a good rule of thumb, I think. Always, or almost always, wait before replying unless he needs a quick reply about something for 'business' reasons.

  • I don't think it should be that complicated lol. some guys like you to chase them a little bit so they know you're interested. asking him to a small date was a good idea. so just go to lunch or coffee or whatnot and see where it goes... what are you confused about?


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