Hey girls, what makes a good creative greeting to you for online dating?

I saw that a girl put this in her online dating profile:

"Creativity in a greeting is a good start and will get you very far! :) "

and so I want to send her a message that she will respond to?

( that is if she finds me attractive because if she's not into me then no creative ass greeting will get her talking to me if she can't picture kissing me!)

What would make a good creative greeting?


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  • When they say creativity the basically mean don't just say, "Hi. How are you?"

    Try to pick something out of her profile that she is interested in that you also have knowledge about/interest in. Then base you greeting around that. Example: If she's into sci-fi you could give her a "Live long and prosper! My name is ____. I saw that you enjoy Star Trek, Internet memes, and long walks on the beach. Those things are also relevant to my interests. You should come check out my profile, and if you like what you read, we could maybe get coffee sometime!"

    Try to infuse your greeting with your personality. Even if it turns some people off, the ones who are turned on by a personable greeting will REALLY be interested, which is your ultimate goal in anycase!

    • Unfortunately her profile doesn't mention any of her interests. The only useful thing it says is that she's new intown.

      And I would say something like " I'll show you around town" but I've lived here for 3 years and am still pretty clueless about the town! Thanks and I hope you have any other ideas

    • That's not a very good profile. XD

      You could totally just say what you have there. "Although I've lived here for 3 years, I still feel like I'm new in town! Maybe we could go out and explore together!"

      Blahblah...coffee...blahblah...date. XD Good luck! =3

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