Is it bad that some of my texts go unanswered?

I've been seeing a guy for a few weeks now. He works during the day & plays in a band 3 nights a week. We text during the day but sometimes, I won't hear from him for several hours. Other times(rarely), they won't get answered. He still calls me & texts me though sometimes at night and says that he just wants to say hey & asks how I am & if we can make plans the following weekend. I told him that it bothers me sometimes that he doesn't text back & he said not to take it personally that he reads a lot of them, but just isn't a fan of responding all the time. I know on that aspect, that he's not lying because my cousin is his best friend, and even he says he doesn't return his messages. Last night though, I found out that he had been answering my cousin's texts and not mine. He's never done that before. Basically, I want to know if I should just calm down & consider that he still calls, texts, and wants to see me, or if this is just going to head nowhere soon. We've been alone many times & all he has done has kissed me, so I know he's not trying to sleep with me because he knows how I feel about that.


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  • I mean it's not bad or good just means he could be busy

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