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What is a good way to meet a woman that is NOT afraid of an Extreme Ambitious Guy but is a Virgin?

I am a 23-year-old male Virgin, Awarded Designer & Business Guy and would appreciate any Feedback on this topic. I moved 2 years ago with just 600 bucks from Germany to America (Chicago) to build a business, brand and become a CEO (Goal is to reach 100 Employees by next Year).

For the right woman, I would create time, it's just very annoying to be lonely all the time and always to be disappointed. I would do whatever it takes, invest as much as I have to, from time, money, resources, study and sacrifice. Ultimately I am just looking for 1 Girl that I can fight for!

So what's your take on that, as a woman do you see that as an issue?


I happen to be 4 Things that seem to drive women away and make my pursuit of dating quite difficult! Ideally, I would love to find my first Girlfriend that is turned on by those Things, maybe even is ambitious herself or shares commonalities.

1. I am a Virgin with ZERO Experience (Never experienced kudos, hugs, kisses, sex or intimacy)
I am Virgin in any Sense with Zero Relationship Experience, yet had my fair shares of Rejections, Cheats & Meltdowns. I am not ashamed of that, I would admit this in public.

2. I am a dedicated Die-Hard Entrepreneur (Whatever it takes)
Since I was 9 years old (grew up with nothing in a small farm town in Germany). Through the Treatment, I got exposed as a kid from beatings, racism, abuse, poverty & isolation. I have an immense drive & obsession to become successful.

3. I am extremely aggressive in my opinions and not afraid to stand out
I do everything to the EXTREME, in that process, I am a master at "how to lose friends and piss people off". I have massive Goals and work a lot and would die for my beliefs at any moment.

4. BONUS PainPoint: I don't drink, smoke, drug, party and never done any of these things and am not a big fan of that Bullshit!

Thanks in advance for your time and I'll definitely return the favor and help out as much as I can!
What is a good way to meet a woman that is NOT afraid of an Extreme Ambitious Guy but is a Virgin?
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